Covers topics needed to calculate shale volume, porosity, water saturation, and permeability from older (pre 1968) well logs. Integration and calibration to modern logs, cores, tests, and production data are stressed. Includes Russian Style Logs, still run today in many parts of the world.

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1 Ancient Logging Tools
      Electrical Survey
      Spontaneous Potential
       Induction Logs
       Micro Resistivity Logs
       Sonic Logs
        Density Logs
        Neutron Logs
        Gamma Ray Logs
        Modern Resistivity Inversion Software

2 Shale Volume
3 Pore Volume
4 Porosity From The Neutron Log
5 Porosity from ES and Micrologs
6 Maximum Porosity Method
7 Water Resistivity From Catalog or DST Recovery
8 Water Resistivity From Water Zone (R0 Method)
9 Water Resistivity From Spontaneous Potential
10 Water Saturation from Archie Method
11 Water Saturation from Simandoux Method
12 Water Saturation from Dual Water Method
13 Water Saturation From Buckles Number
14 Water Saturation and Porosity from Ratio Method
15 Irreducible Water Saturation
16 Permeability and Productivity
17 Permeability From Wyllie-Rose Method
18 Permeability From Porosity
19 Calibrating to Modern Logs and Core Data
20 Case Histories

ADDED Feature: Analyzing Russian Style Logs
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