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Mar 2024
   Green Economy Hydrogen Production        Added Radiolysis

Oct 2023
   RF-11 Petrophysics In The Green Economy        New Reference Manual

Aug 2023
   New Training Course Bundle  All 3 Full Length Courses - Super Low  Price
   New Prices - 20% Lower on Full  Length Courses

Jul 2023
   Metallic Minerals Surface Methods        New Page
   Metallic Minerals Logging Methods        New Page

Jun 2023
   Non-Seismic Methods        New Page

Apr 2023
   Seismic Data Processing                          New Page
   Gravity / Magnetic Data Processing          New Page

Mar 2023
   Ancient Density Log              Added Analysis Equation

Feb 2023
   Website and all Courses and Reference Manuals transferred to Accessible
      Petrophysics Ltd. - new name, same great people.
   Streamlined Login, Reduced CPH Guest page views

Dec 2022
   Free Publications           Reformat Project Completed   SB

Nov 2022

   SEO Project Completed

Oct 2022

   Handbook Index                     Moved Page
   Formation Tester                   Updated Page SB

Sep 2022

   TDT Logs                              Updated Page SB
   Thru Casing Logs                   Updated Page
   Corporate Membership           New Category

Aug 2022

   Start SEO Project

Jul 2022

   Student Membership         New short term membership for students
   Petrophysics In The Green Economy Series   Bimonthly in CSPG Reservoir

Jun 2022

   Lithology from Induced GR Spectroscopy    New Page

May 2022

   CO2 Storage Wells                                     New Page
   Induced GR Spectroscopy                           Major Update SB
   Saturation from TDT Sigma Log                   Updated Page

Apr 2022

   CH 18 Case Histories moved to CH 28
   Petrophysics In The Green Economy CH 18  NEW CHAPTER
   Hydrogen Production                                   New Page
   Lithium Extraction                                        New Page
   Non-Metallic Minerals                                  Updated Page

Mar 2022

   Dielectric / EPT Logs                         Updated Page SB
   Water Wells                                      Updated Page
   Helium Wells                                     Updated Page
   Geothermal Wells                              Updated Page

Nov - Dec 2021

   Reformatting Free Publications - in progress

Oct 2021

   Beginners Guide                                    Updated Page
   Course Exercises                                  Updated Page
   Future History of Oil and Gas                 Updated Page
   Cretaceous Sand Example                     Updated Page
   Jurassic Sand Example                          Updated Page
   Devonian Carbonate Example                 Updated Page

Sep 2021
   Log Normalization                                  Updated Page
   Computer Aided Analysis                       Updated Page
   Finished Reformat of all webpages

Aug 2021
   Vsh from Resistivity                   New Page
   Selecting Permeability Model     New Page
   Selecting Lithology Model          New Page
   Selecting Porosity Model           Updates Page
   Selecting Saturation Model        Updates Page
   Selecting Shale Volume Model   Updates Page
   Lithology 3-Mineral Models        Updated  Pages

Jul 2021
   Water Wells                             Updated Page

Jun 2021
   Platinum Lifetime Membership                         New membership class introduced
   Begin reformat of all webpages

May 2021
   All Reference Manuals -- content updated and reset with easier to read font
   All Short Courses -- converted to new Wide-Screen Video Format
   Free Publications                     New Tech Paper and Slideshow Added

Apr 2021
   CWLS Members -- all video lectures "On Demand" HERE
   Sample Course Videos     New Page
   Logging Programs           Major Update
   RST Tool                          Added Image

Mar 2021
   All Full Length Courses and Wide-Screen Video Format

Jan 2021
   Deep Basin Gas                    New Page
   Selecting Vsh Models          Updated
   Selecting PHIe Models        Updated
   Selecting Sw Models -        Updated

Dec 2020
   All PHIe Pages -                   Updated

Nov 2020
   All Vsh Pages -               Updated

Oct 2020
   Chapter 6 and 7 -          Updated Links to Vsh and PHIe Pages
   Begin Update and Conversion of all PowerPoint Courses to Wide Screen Format

Sep 2020
   Electrical Properties - SCAL  Updated
   Electrical Properties - SW        Updated
   Waxman-Smits SW                 Updated
   Klinkenberg Correction           Updated
   Free Publications                     New Tech Paper and Slideshow Added

Aug 2020
   Pressure Control              New page
   Perforating                       New page

Jul 2020
   Pressure Sensors            New page
   Noise Logging                 New page
   Tracer Logging                New page

Jun 2020
   Webinars cancelled        Pages Removed
   Login and Admin             New pages
   Petro/Fusion Scripts       New page
   Flowmeter Logging         New page

May 2020
   Fluid ID  Logging             New page

Apr 2020
   Temperature Logging           New page
   Production Logging             Major Update

Mar 2020
   Water Resistivity   Moved to New Chapter 5 - everything wet, hot, and salty.
   Old Chapter 5 topics moved to Chapters 1, 8, and 13.

Feb 2020
   Oil / Gas In Place              Updated page

Jan 2020
   Spreadsheet Downloads   Updated page

Dec 2019
   One-Stop-Shopping      New page consolidates access to all training products

Sep 2019
   Webinars start 05 Sep 2019, every Thursday 06:00 to 12:00 Mtn Time Zone

Aug 2019
   Potash Analysis            Added PID Crossplots
   Closure Stress            Added Numerical Example

Jul 2019
   Petrophysical Web Links           updated

Jun 2019
   5 Reasons Why You Want To Pay Your Shareware Fee and
            Become a "CPH Gold Member"
   Updated Shareware Policy - Shareware Fee is valid for 3 years from date of purchase, provides "CPH Gold Member" status.
   Updated all Course Outlines and Reference Manual pages
   Updated all navigation menus

May 2019
   Downloads                                  Added 16 External Software Links

Apr 2019
   Permeability Basics                            Update - added Pore Throat Radius

Mar 2019
   Chapter 17 - TOC, Shale Gas, Tight Gas, Tight Oil    Update for non-kerogen organic matter

Feb 2019
   Chapter 11 - Mechanical Properties      Edited to Reduce Redundancy

Jan 2019
   Changed all Tables to flow better on mobile devices
   Increased Line Spacing to improve readability

Dec 2018
   Chapter 7 - Logging Tools                Tool Theory Update, Added Internal Links
   Depth Plot Defaults                           New Page
   EPT / Dielectric Porosity / Sw           New Page
   Fracture Identification                      Updated Page
   Chapter / Topic Index                       Modernized
   Home Page                                       Modernized

Nov 2018
   Non-Metallic Minerals                      New Page
   Potash Analysis                                Updated Page
   Immature Oil Shale                          Updated Page
   Mineral Properties List                     Updated Page
   Mineral Properties Spreadsheet      New Spreadsheet

Oct 2018
   Downloads                                   Updated Page

Sep 2018
   Analyzing Heavy Oil Wells           New Page
   Course Outlines                            New Page

Aug 2018
   Analyzing Water Wells                       New Page
   Most Saturation Pages                        Updated
   True Vertical Depth                             Updated

Jul 2018
   Webinar Dates for Sep - Dec 2018       Updated

Jun 2018
   Analyzing Helium Wells                      New Examples Added

May 2018
   eTexts and Textbooks                        4 New Pages split from Bibliography, reformatted and corrected
   Essential Technical Papers
   Computer Aided Analysis
   Bibliography - Case Histories

Apr 2018
    Basic Chemistry                        New Page, split from Periodic Table
   Periodic Table of Elements      Updated Table for new element names

Mar 2018
   Analyzing Helium Wells                        New Page

Feb 2018
   Adsorbed Gas - CBM                              New Page
   Adsorbed Gas - Gas Shale                     New Page
   Geochemistry (TOC) Analysis                New Page
   Proximate Analysis for Coal                   New Page
   Fischer Analysis for Oil Shale Yield       New Page

Jan 2018
   RW From Salinity                 New Spreadsheet
   Total Organic Carbon TOC   New Methods Added
   Single-User  Corporate  Academic  Associate Instructor  Licenses Updated
   Terms of Use                         Updated

Dec 2017
   Webinar Dates for Jan - Mar 2018  Updated

Aug 2017
   Webinar Dates for Sep - Dec 2017  Updated
   Mobile-ready App Instructions        New Page

Jul 2017
   Manual Dip Calculation                Updated
   Dip Subtraction, Apparent Dip      Updated

Jun 2017
   Total Organic Carbon                   Updated

May 2017
   Mobile-friendly page layout for iPhone 6, iPad, and equivalent Android devices.
           Try it, you'll like it !!!!
   TDT Tool  and   TDT Saturation            Updated

Feb 2017
   Formation Tester Basics             New Page
   Log Analysis for Frac Designn   New Page
   Free Publications                     New Article in LPS Newsletter

Jan 2017
   Updated Shareware Promo Banner
   Production Logging Basics          New Page

Dec 2016
   Shareware Fee          Policy Change

Sep 2016
   Capillary Pressure         Update
   Free Webinars resume 08 Sep for Fall and Winter Semesters

Aug 2016
   Update Webinar scheduled for 2016 -2017 season
   Geothermal Reservoirs         Update
   SI Units Definitions               Update

May 2016
   New Website Design Launched

Apr 2016
   Upgrade to wide-screen format with site-nav menu and page-nav menu
   Added CSS and JS formatting support
   Overpressure     New Example
   Permafrost         New Example

Mar 2016
   Added automated Webinar delivery and accounting procedure
   Developed 39 Webinars from existing course content
   All Saturation and Elec Props Pages       A, M, N values from Asquith 1980 added

Feb 2016
   Porosity from Sonic Logs       Fluid Travel Time added
   Crain's Integrated Petrophysics Videos       New Page

Jan 2016
   Added Page Views Counters - all pages
   Lectures       New Page

Dec 2015
   Updated "Orders" pages

Nov 2015
   Updated page indexes - all pages
   Electrical Surveys       Pulsator added
   Low Resistivity Pay     New Page

Oct 2015
   Individual Lectures            New Training Products Added
   Water Resistivity              Update
   Water Chemistry Analysis    "
   Capillary Pressure                 "
   Tight Oil / Shale Oil Analysis "
   Radioactive Sands                   "
   Resistivity Image Logs             "
   Dipmeter Logs                           "

Sep 2015
   Holgate Plot     New Topic

Aug 2015
   Add 404 Error Handling
   Net Pay / Productivity    New Page
   Lithology from Vp-Vs      New Page
   Capillary Pressure          Updated
   Porosity from Vp-Vs       Updated

June/July 2015
   Updated all course descriptions
           and order pages
May 2015
   Added Search Function - all pages
   Added Page-Views Counter - all pages
   Added Link Colour for Visited/Unvisited - all pages 
  Abbreviations Log Analysis   New Page
   Abbreviations Seismic Math   New Page
   Search Button added      all pages
   Navigation Pane added  all pages  
   Link mouse-over and links visited repaired
   CEC / Qv Math            clarifications

Apr 2015
   Chapter 1: 5 New Sections
   META/TVD Spreadsheet     Fixed Bug
   Clay Type Analysis
   Visual Analysis - Lithology

Mar 2015
   Log Normalization       New Page
   Depth Shifts                 New Page 

Feb 2015
   Jenkins-Lucia Permeability   New Page
   Permeability Spreadsheet     New Page
   Gamma Ray Vsh Models
   Gamma Ray Response
   Calibrating Saturation - Pc
   Calibrating Saturation - Core

Jan 2015
   Infra-Red (FTIR)
   Core Saturation
   Capillary Pressure

   Picking Perfs - Flow Capacity

Dec 2014
   Added automated training product payment, delivery and accounting procedure
   Added SSL certification for encrypted PayPal transactions
   Total Organic Carbon TOC
   Seismic Attributes

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