This page links you to a wealth of Sample Videos from Crain's Integrated Petrophysics Courses,  especially chosen to be of interest to everyone - from students to CEOs, from investors and bankers to lawyers and financial wizards. Even industry old-timers, educators, journalists, and environmentalists can benefit by knowing something about the science of petrophysics.

Integrated petrophysics is the core science behind the valuation placed on most oil and gas properties. It provides the "Ground Truth" for other geoscience and engineering disciplines, ultimately guiding executives and regulators to rational decision-making.

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These Sample Videos are snippets from Lecture LC-01, part of Course AV-01, with some added comments to set the context. RECOMMENDED for Managers, CEOs, and others with limited knowledge of well logging and petrophysical analysis methods.

VS-00 Finding Cheap Oil With Integrated Petrophysics
VS-01 What Is Integrated Petrophysics?
VS-02 What Is A Well Log?
VS-03 Changing Well Log Data Into Answers
VS-04 Who Uses Well Logs?

LONGER " LUNCH BREAK" VIDEOS (15 - 30 Minutes)
These Sample Videos are larger snippets from various Courses to show the scope of the content and style of presentation. They are NOT complete courses - there are large gaps or missing slides.
VL-01 Integrated Petrophysics - Science at Work
VL-02 Case History Examples - Good, Bad, Ugly
VL-03 Shared Earth Model - Use All Your Data
VL-04 Visual Analysis - Crain's Rules
VL-05 Quantitative Analysis - Computer-Ready Math
VL-06 Mechanical Properties - for Frac Design, Seismic Attributes
VL-07 Dipmeter / Image Tools - Which Way Is Up
VL-08 Seismic Petrophysics - Integrate All The Data
VL-09 Cement Integrity - Where Did That Frac Go
VL-10 Total Organic Carbon - Crucial for Unconventional Reservoir Analysis
VL-11 Shale Gas - Kerogen Correct the Quantitative Model

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