In a joint venture with PetroLessons LLC, all of Crain's Integrated Petrophysics Lectures have been converted to video format.

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Each course is a complete multi-media package based on a comprehensive slide show, with narration on each slide covering theory, applications, examples, helpful tips, and trade secrets gleaned from the instructor's 50+ year career in petrophysics. Full colour course notes with Crain's Rules, Computer-Ready Math, exercises, quizzes, and Meta/Log spreadsheet software are included -- a true multi-media learning experience.

Backed by years of worldwide consulting and teaching experience, these practical, no-nonsense course contents have been time-tested in major and independent oil and gas companies, service companies, consulting firms, government agencies, and by university / tech school students and instructors.

Use Crain's Integrated Petrophysics Online Video Courses at as assisted self-study courses for individuals or as part of a monitored in-house study program for the entire exploitation team. Choose from 3 course bundles or 39 individual courses. Mix and match to suit your needs.

When you register, you receive unlimited access to the video course online for one year, plus Lecture Notes and Exercises. Start the course anytime and proceed at your own pace. Repeat any segment as often as you need, anytime, anywhere you have Internet access. Corporate licenses available.
If you are into Online Learning, this is the place for you!


Please note that all questions and support requests should be addressed to PetroLessons LLC, as we have no direct access to their system.


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