This self-directed course covers advanced petrophysical methods for calculating mechanical rock properties for stimulation design and seismic attributrs, how to modernize ancient and Russian-style logs, uses and interpretation of dipmeter and image logs, structure and stratigraphic analysis, seismic petrophysics, and cement and pipe integrity logs. These are the valuable "back of the book" topics usually ignored by instructors and upper management that can make or break exploitation projects. This is a practical, no-nonsense course covering both visual and numerical analysis methods, with numerous real-world examples.

Item #AV-02:  640 narrated slides presented as 13 video lectures (0.5 to 1 hour per lecture),
13 sets Lecture Notes with exercise materials,
Access to all META/LOGTM spreadsheet software to simplify your daily work.

See Sample Videos HERE.

RECOMMENDED FOR: All geoscientists, geotechs, engineers, and managers, from CEOs to new hires and old-timers who need a refresher.

Put my 50+ years of practical world-wide petrophysical experience to work for you!

License:   Single-User • Corporate Academic



LECTURE 14 - Mechanical Properties / Elastic Constants

  • Mechanical Properties Basics

  • Elastic Constants Theory

  • Log Editing Basics

  • Calculating Mechanical Properties Of Rocks

  • Shear Modulus N

  • Poisson's Ratio PR

  • Bulk Modulus Kb

  • Bulk Compressibility Cb

  • Biot’s Constant Alpha

  • Young's Modulus Y 

  • Modulus of Compressibility Kc

  • Pore Compressibility Kp or Kf

  • Calibrating Dynamic to Static Constants

  • Case Histories

  • Exercise 14

LECTURE 15 - Pressure / Closure Stress

  • Calculating Normal Pore Pressure Gradient

  • Calculating Abnormal Pressure Gradient

  • Calculating Overburden Pressure Gradient

  • Calculating Fracture Pressure and Closure Stress Gradient

  • Calibrating Pressure Gradients

  • Calculating Fracture Extent

  • Gamma Ray Logging to Confirm Fracture Placement

  • Fracture Orientation from Caliper

  • Case Histories

  • Exercise 15

LECTURE 16 - Ancient Logs

  • Introduction To Ancient Logs

  • Electrical Survey (FS Log)

  • Normal Curve

  • Lateral Curve

  • Spontaneous Potential (SP)

  • Laterolog (LL3, LL7)

  • Microlog (MLC)
    Microlaterolog (MLLC)

  • Gamma Ray Log (GR)

  • Neutron Log (GNT)

  • Density Log

  • Sonic Log 

  • Shale Volume, Porosity, Water Saturation

  • Case Histories

  • Exercise 16

LECTURE 17 -Russian-Style Logs

  • Introduction To Russian-Style Logs

  • Electrical Survey (BKZ)

  • Normal Curve (Potential, PZ)

  • Lateral Curve (Gradient, GZ)

  • Russian Core Analysis

  • Gamma Ray Log (GK)

  • Neutron Log (NGK)

  • Density Log (GGK)

  • Sonic Log (AK)

  • Shale Volume, Porosity, Water Saturation

  • Case Histories

  • Exercise 17

LECTURE 18 -Dipmeter and Image Logs

  • Introduction To Dip and Image Logs

  • Evolution of the Dipmeter Concept

  • Modern Dipmeters

  • Basic Continuous Dipmeter Calculations

  • High Resolution Dipmeter

  • Determining Dip By Clustering and Pooling

  • Pattern Recognition Dip Calculations

  • Stratigraphic High Resolution Dipmeter

  • Formation Imaging From Dipmeters

  • Resistivity Microscanner Imaging

  • Dipmeter Advisor - An Expert System

  • Auxiliary Dipmeter Presentations

  • Dip Subtraction and Rotation

  • True Stratigraphic and True Vertical Thickness

  • True Vertical Depth

  • Exercise 18

LECTURE 19 - Analysis of Structure

  • Plate Tectonics - The Big Picture

  • Diastrophism - The Regional Picture

  • Subsidence and the Creation of Geosynclines

  • Folds and Faults

  • Petroleum Traps Formed By Structures

  • Analysis of Dipmeter Data For Structural Features

  • Choosing and Using Regional Dip

  • Deciding What The Patterns Mean

  • Classic Dipmeter Patterns On Arrow Plots -------- The Cook Book

  • Case Histories

  • Exercise 19

LECTURE 20 - Analyzing Stratigraphy

  • Depositional Environments

  • Stratigraphic Traps

  • Grain Size

  • Dip Spread

  • Current Bedding

  • Curve Shape Analysis

  • Dipmeter Patterns in Sedimentary Structures

  • Choosing Regional Dip

  • Subtracting Regional Dip

  • Deciding What The Patterns Mean

  • Sedimentary Models

  • Classic Dipmeter Patterns For Stratigraphy - The Cookbook

  • Case Histories

  • Exercise 20

LECTURE 21 - Seismic Petrophysics

  • Seismic Concepts for Non-Geophysicists

  • Seismic Data Acquisition

  • Seismic Velocity Analysis Techniques

  • Calculating Seismic Velocity From Logs

  • Calculating Interval Velocity From Seismic

  • Time to Depth Conversions

  • Seismic Velocity and Dipping Beds

  • Seismic Petrophysics Basics

  • Seismic Modeling

  • Log Modeling

  • Logs Used in Seismic Interpretation

  • The Shared-Earth Concept

LECTURE 22 - Editing Logs foe Seismic

  • Log Editing Concepts

  • Modeling Sonic and Density with Response Equation

  • Seismic Check Shots

  • Editing Sonic Logs With SRS and VSP Data

  • Modeling Sonic and Density Logs With Trend Data

  • Modeling Sonic and Density Logs From Resistivity

  • Modeling Sonic and Density Logs From Neutron and Gamma Ray

  • Modeling Sonic and Density Logs With Regression

  • Modeling the Sonic Log Response From Biot-Gassmann Equations

  • Gardner’s Model for Density from Sonic

  • Exercise 22

LECTURE 23 - Seismic Modeling

  • Seismic Modeling Basics

  • Step By Step Procedure for Modeling

  • Integrating the Sonic Log

  • Acoustic Impedance and Reflection Coefficients

  • Calculating Seismic Wavelets

  • Convolution of Wavelet & Reflection Coefficients

  • Case Histories: Synthetic Seismograms

LECTURE 24 - Seismic Inversion, VSP, AVO

  • Seismic Attributes Basics

  • Seismic Inversion Procedures

  • Capturing Low Frequency Components

  • Displaying Seismic Inversion Traces

  • Case Histories: Seismic Inversion

  • Porosity/Lithology From Shear Seismic

  • Case Histories: Porosity/Lithology

  • Vertical Seismic Profile Concepts

  • Vertical Seismic Profiles On Wireline

  • Vertical Seismic Profiles While Drilling

  • Case Histories: Vertical Seismic Profiles

  • Amplitude Versus Offset (AVO)

  • Case Histories: Amplitude Versus Offset

  • Exercise 24

LECTURE 25 - Cement Integrity Logs

  • Introduction

  • Types of Cement Integrity Logs

  • Temperature Logs

  • Cement Bond Logs (CBL)

  • Cement Bond-Variable Density Logs (CBL-VDL)

  • Cement Mapping Logs (CMT, CET, PET)

  • Ultrasonic Imaging Logs (USI, RBT)


LECTURE 26 - Pipe Inspection Logs

  • Casing / Tubing Inspection

  • Ultrasonic Methods

  • Electromagnetic Methods

  • Multi-Finger Caliper Methods

  • Case History



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