This Reference Manual and Short Course cover all topics needed to understand log data acquisition and logging tool concepts for both open and cased hole logs: basic physics and operating concepts, focusing, or lack of it, on older log suites, example of log displays, and how to identify each curve, how to read logs (e.g. bed boundaries, which log curve is best to use) and much more.

Item #RF-04: 152 pages, 14 chapters, detailed table of contents, computer-ready math.

Item #RF-04S: 2 narrated video slideshows, with lecture notes and exercises.

RECOMMENDED FOR: all geoscientists, geotechs, engineers, managers and CEO's.

RF-03 Crain's Analyzing Ancient and Russian Logs 

Put my 50+ years of practical world-wide petrophysical experience to work for you!


License:   Single-User • Corporate Academic



1.00 What Is Well Logging?
1.01 Creating the Well Log
1.02 Depth Scales On Logs
1.03 Log Presentation Styles
1.04 Log Curve Scales
1.05 Logging The Well

2.00 Electrical Resistivity Basics
2.01 Electrical Survey (ES Log(
2.02 Normal and Lateral Curves On The ES Log
2.03 Schlumberger and Lane Wells Electrical Survey
2.04 Halliburton and Welex Electrical Survey
2.05 Examples of Electrical Survey Logs

3.00 Spontaneous Potential Log

4.00 Gamma Ray Logs
4.01 Gamma Ray Detectors
4.02 Gamma Ray Spectral Logs

5.00 Induction Logs
5.01 Induction Electrical Survey (IES)
5.02 The 5FF27 and 5FF40 Tools
5.03 The 6FF40 Tool
5.04 Dual Induction Log (DIL)
5.05 Phasor Induction Log (IDPH)
5.06 Array Induction Log (AIT)
5.07 Examples of Induction Logs

6.00 Laterlog Tools
6.01 Older Laterlog Resistivity Scales
6.02 Early Laterologs (LL3, LL7, Gaurd Logs, FoRxo Logs)
6.03 Dual Laterolog (DLL)
6.04 Laterolog 8 (LL8) and Spherically Focused Log (SFL)
6.05 High Resolution Array Laterolog (HRL)
6.06 Azimutha; Resistivity Image Log (ARI)
6.07 Cased Hole Formation Resistivity (CHFR)
6.08 Resistivity Images From Modern Logs

7.00 Micro Resistivity Logs

8.00 Acousic Theory 1 – Elaasyic Rock Properties
8.01 Acousic Theory 2 – Snell’s Law
8.02 Acoustic Theory 3 – Velocity, Travel Time, and Slowness
8.03 Sonic Logging Tools
8.04 Single Receicer Sonic Log
8.05 Two Receiver Sonic Log
8.06 Borehole Compensated Sonic Log (BHCS)
8.07 Array Sonic Log
8.08 Deriving Travel Time From Sonoc Logs
8.09 Dipole Shear Sonic Log
8.10 Acoustic Anisotropy
8.11 Scaling the Sonic Log into Porosity Units

8.12 S Acoustic Log Energy Sources
8.13 Acoustic Dispersion
8.14 Acoustic Transmission Modes
8.15 Attenuation of Sound Waves

9.00 Density and Photo Electric (PE) Logs
9.01 Photo Electric Effect
9.02 Density / PE Logging Tools
9.03 Umcompensated Density Log
9.04 Compensated Densiry Log (FDC)
9.05 PE-Densitt (Litho-Density) Log (LDT)
9.06 Adverse Boreholw Conditions
9.07 Dual PE-Density Log and 90 Degree Offser
9.08 Cased Hole Formation Density (CHFD)
9.09 Scaling a Density Log into Porosity Units
9.10 Density Interfacr Logs
9.11 LWD Demsiry Image Log
9.12 Examples of Density Logs

10.00 Neutron Logging Tool Types
10.01 Neutron Diffusion Length
10.02 Neutron Slowing-Down Length and Migration Length
10.03 Gamma Ray Neotrom Log (GRN, GNT)
10.04 Sidewall Neotrom Log (SNP)
10.05 Compensated Neotrom Log (CNL)
10.06 Accelerator Neutron Porosity Log (APS)
10.07 Examples of Neotrom Logs

11.00 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Log (NMR)
11.01 NMR Operating Principles
11.02 Applications of the NMR Concept
11.03 NMR Porosity Logs
11.04 Example od NMR Log

12.00 Pulsed Neutron / Thermal Decay Time Logs (PDK, TDT)
12.01 Pulsed Neutron Log Respomse
12.02 Porosity and Water Saturation
12.03 Reservoir Saturation Log (RST)
12.04 Examples of Pulsed Nertron Logs

13.00 Activation / Capture Spectrosopy Logs
13.01 Chlorine Log
13.02 Carbon/Oxygen Log (C/O)
13.03 Pulsed Neutron Spectroscopy Log
13.04 Geochemical Log (GST)
13.05 Elemental Capture Spectroscopy Log (ECS)
13.06 Examples of ECS Logs

14.00 Which Logs Should Be Run?
14.01 Logging Tool Bed Resolution
14.02 Logging Tool Accuracy
14.03 Logging Tool Borehole Requirements



  • Electrical Survey

  • Spontaneous Potential

  • Induction Logs

  • Laterologs

  • Micrologs and Microlaterologs

  • Gamma Ray Logs

  • Caliper Logs

  • Thermal Decay Time Logs


  • Sonic Logs

  • Density and PE Logs

  • Neutron Logs

  • Nuclear Magnetic Log

  • Elemental Capture Spectrography Log




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