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"Thank you for all the work you do. I’m a software developer that’s worked in various O&G products including running the development of Interactive Petrophysics. Your site is the most pragmatic source of PP knowledge I have found." - A.L., UK

“You make easy to understand explanations of difficult things and I believe that majority of the package will be needed to me in the future.” I.R., Trinidad

“I am a chemical engineer that has been in the oil patch for 25 years. I did not take a single geology class at University – everything I know I have learned from you!” A.B., Houston

“Just want to say thank you for making so much of your knowledge of petrophysics available. As a new petrophysicist in the Chevron training program, it is my go-to for filling in the blanks when I need something just simply stated and easy to find.” T.O., Texas

“You have supplied me and the rest of the oil and gas industry an amount of information that cannot be quantified.” D.L., Texas

“I appreciate my Pocket Pal and Cement Integrity Tools. It’s truly amazing the way you make petroleum engineering understandable.” G.P. Texas

“Love your work. Always thought of you as one of our great industry mentors.      Student.” L.L., Texas

“I highly recommend this course! Crain’s teaching style is clear and effective, and the content is gold for any budding petrophysicist.” D.I., USA

:I only use your website about once a month.  But when i do,  it's always for something important and you usually have what i need. Keep up the good work” D.C., Abilene

"Your courses and material have helped me a lot through my studies in a local petrophysics Msc.  I highly recommend everybody from juniors to senior petrophysicists take your courses as they are the highest quality I have found. They are very reliable and it is the only resource and body of knowledge that I know for sure it is always up to date. I will have this for the rest of my career and I appreciate you have put your experience with so much effort  and made this accessible for the rest of us. Your legacy will continue guiding us petrophysicists for generations."  

C.A., Brazil

“I must say that you have been an ornament to our industry over the long term. Realise that you have been well deserving of your CWLS Lifetime Achievement Award.  You have helped deconstruct the nuisances of the subject matter so as to simplify technical terms that are digestible into bite size pieces so most SS technical folk to understand. A gift in and of itself. Hence a personal heart felt thank-you for what you have achieved and how you have supported the subject of Petrophysics / Reservoir Engineeting over the long term.“ J.R. , Perth

“Your website is truly an amazing resource for geoscientists and just a fantastic contribution to the industry.”  J.K. Houston

“I am so thankful for the information that you have spent a lifetime learning and passing on to us 75-year old youngsters!” 

D.S., Rolla, MO.

“I had the privilege of experiencing one of your training sessions, which left a lasting impression on me. The depth of knowledge shared, and the practical approach adopted in the training was remarkable.” 

G.B., Calgary

 "I’d like to express  my appreciation to the great effort you did and doing" … SPEC2000 is “to go place” to understand a lot about PP … great. effort.


"Thanks again for all you’ve done over the years.  I’m a retired guy and trying to brush up on my well logging - just something to keep the brain engaged.  Spent too many years as a manager/exec and some of the basics have faded.  Your website is really helping me."

 E.B., iCloud.

I have been using your site for many years and I really love it because there are many things in it which I normally cannot find elsewhere."

S.S., Spain

"I very much enjoy your handbook. It has been very useful during my academic studies"

E.R,. Texas

"I would like to thank you for the great efforts that have been done to collect al sources of petrophysical related topics in one place and been explained in a very easy way. Everytime I have to explain something to my team, I used to see how you have explained even if I am sometimes an expert in it but your way of explaining things is definitely better and more straight forward."

M.O., Aus.

"Thank you for putting together your petrophysical website!!! It is a great resource!."
 A.H, CA

"So appreciate my Pocket Pal and Cement Integrity Tools. You are truly amazing the way you make petroleum engineering understandable.”

J.P., LA.

"I would like to use this mail to let you know how valuable your petrophysics website has been for drafting the manuscript for me. Thank you very much for the great webpages you created. I have learned so much about well-logging and petrophysics in general; far beyond what can be taught within a semester at a university. My passion for it has increased the more I read! "  

M.H.,  Geneva





“I have enjoyed and used your handbook over the years and have appreciated the effort you have put in to keep it very useful and I have just paid for continued access. It has provided a valuable service to our industry practitioners.”


“Your site is a good "go to" site when I need a refresher and to see how you handle petrophysical issues.”

M.M., Denver

"I am very willing to pay for a subscription to your information as you have supplied me and the rest of the oil and gas industry an amount of information that cannot be quantified."

D.l,. Calgary

"I really learn a lot from the site. Its great stuff!." M.P., OKC

"Love your work. Always thought of you as one of our great industry mentors."  L.L.

"I  very much value your expertise and the use of your website."  M.L.

"I've turned colleagues to your site - it's really a fantastic wealth of knowledge.

K.N,. Midland

"Appreciate for you handbook – especially for the Historical overview of logging history."

A.B., Tyumen

"I have been using your website for the last 20 years and just want to say what a great resource your website is."

 D.S., Houston

"You are doing great job! Thank you for the website. From your website I see that you make easy to understand explanations of difficult things and I believe that majority of the package will be needed to me in the future."  I.R., gmail

“Your website is a valuable resource. I was looking at your page on PE Density and was paying somewhat more attention to formulae than I usually do and came across your comment "Note - 1 barn = 1*10^ -24 square centimeters - pretty small cows!" and I paused and thought to myself: Small cows? What the heck is he talking....Oh, NOW I get it!. Thanks for a little levity - it made my day in this pandemic, work-at-home environment.”

W.P., via AOL


“I have found The Handbook invaluable in my work. I recommend it in my courses I teach. Thank you for all the help through the years. I think it is a masterful work!”

T.L., gmail

“We appreciate what you do with your website - very useful when you get projects in where you don't have previous experience.”

B.B., gmail

"Your website is a tremendous legacy to log analysis and a tribute to the craft of Petrophysics. I personally know what a fantastic resource it is."  C.W., Calgary

“I like the convenience to check your database when I need it. I am retired now but like to do software testing and independent projects.”

T.S., yahoo

“Just want to say thank you for making so much of your knowledge of petrophysics available online. As a new petrophysicist in the Chevron training program, your website is my go-to for filling in the blanks when I need something just simply stated and easy to find.”

T.O., Texas


“Greg told me about the lifetime achievement award from the Canadian Well Logging Society. Congratulations! It is well earned and deserved.” S.U., Denver

“I have often run across your Handbook – thank you for your efforts to help the industry.”

D.S., Texas

“Thank you very much, Ross. Your Handbook is excellent.”

M.C., Denver

“Your site has been very helpful, Mr. Crain, and I’ve passed the word on to several colleagues.”

B.C., Texas


“Thank you for the information you provide through your website. It has helped me greatly through my career as a general reference, and to look up meanings of terms. There is so much information out there, and you have done a fantastic job consolidating, explaining clearly, and providing a wonderful narrative.”

C.W., Denver

“Thank you very much for the Cement Bond webinar, I am an exploration geologist with curiosity to learn CH logs and this webinar has really been outstanding in developing my fundamental ideas about these logs. The way you narrated made them simple otherwise I have read them many times in books and partially understood, Great Job. You are an accomplished professional Ross.”

A.W., gmail

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C.A., Houston

“I have been referring CPH for quite long and it has been really helpful to me in understanding unconventional formations better. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.”

Y.B., India.

“I have to congratulate you for your Petrophysical Handbook. It's very useful.”

G.N., gmail

“Ross, if you ever get down to Denver give me a shout. I know what kind of effort you have put into your website and it is definitely a good resource.”

J.B., Denver

“I have been using your online Petrophysical Handbook periodically and it has been very helpful. Today I used it to review the Wylie-Rose perm equation, and I didn’t have to dig out my notes. I am a reservoir engineering consultant currently retained by ….. I was trained in Amoco’s petro school back in the day. I just wanted to drop a note and say hello, let you know I appreciate your site, and I realize I should pay you some $$’s for the use of your site.”

D.S., Houston

“As I wrote to you couple of years ago, your Handbook help me a lot to my degree and my thesis was about Petrophysics and since then is my favourite Science. Your collaborative work is amazing and I wish more people around the world can share knowledge with others, like you do. Thinking on this kind of things, I started share with Geologist students from a Student Chapter of UFRRJ (Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) a bit of my experience in oilfield and my knowledge of Petrophysic and Formation Evaluation. Off course your Handbook its my first reference for the students. I’m sure will have more enthusiastic geologists in petrophysics in the near future in Brazil. I can not fail to mention, how it helped in my professional career as well! Once again thank you!”

P.M,. Brazil



“Your website, "Crain's Petrophysical Handbook" is very helpful to us students. I like how user-friendly it is and the explanations are pretty straightforward and easy to understand. I just have this sudden urge to thank you! Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge.”

T.S., Malasia
“In this semester I take Petrophysics course and your Petrophysics Handbook is really helpful for me to learn and do assignments about it. And with this letter I would like to thank you for giving your knowledge and ease us to learn by your eLearning website. Oh, and also warm greetings from my lecturer.”

A.N.H., Surabaya

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V.L., Edmonton

“I am a petroleum geologist and have found your website extremely valuable over the years”

M.A., Australia

“I’m studying a Masters in Petroleum Engineering and funnily enough a lot of the course work references your website!.”

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R.E., Denver

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“I came across your web site recently as part of work related to a set of projects on which I am working. You have an impressive amount of information collected and made available. Thank you for sharing your decades of experience. [I did happily pay the modest shareware fee].” P.B., Houston

“I just purchased a shareware licenses for your site. This site and you are a life saver. My professor uses animated power point slides that are neat in class, but fall short when you need to study and the animations no longer work in pdf format…. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and taking the time to explain every aspect of Formation Evaluation so clearly from "In the beginning". After poking around a while I decided sixty bucks is a bargain to have a clear conscience; I can tell your site encompasses the topic enough to be my main source for information through the rest of my studies and into my career. A real bargain. I unintentionally kept taking little peaks at stuff on here until I realized I was not going to stay away. I went from being frustrated with Formation Evaluation to it being fun after looking at just a few of your topics. This learning aid has what all of my books are lacking; worked out examples of the most basic concepts. I think a lot of authors just get so good at a topic that they make assumptions that one thing or another is obvious. Some concepts are, after you have seen and applied them a few times. It is exactly what I needed to get in gear. Thanks for getting that.”

C.C., Texas

“Thanks!  I am a chemical engineer that has been in the oil patch for 25 years.  I did not take a single geology class at University - everything I know I have learned from you!  I truly appreciate all the effort you have put into your site and the accompanying documentation.”

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First of all let me thank you for your Handbook, the material in it is very clear, well presented and has been very helpful to me so far.”

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“I'm writing this to thank you for online Crain's petrophysical handbook. I was looking for conversion of Water Salinity to resistivity and found it on your page (https://www.spec2000.net/05-4rwmethods.htm#b5). I must say there is lot of engineering stuff available which is everyday need of petroleum/reservoir engineers and geologists. Thanks for this service and contribution to spread knowledge. Thanks for this service and contribution to spread knowledge.” 

M.N., Pakistan

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I am an Applied Geophysics student from Nigeria, and I really enjoy and appreciate your contribution to the development and enlightenment of earth scientist."

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Great website! Thanks kindly for the resources."

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My sincere thanks for your excellent resource and generously shared expertise."
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L.S., Azerbaijan


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R. S., Calgary


"I am a regular user of your Petrophysical On-line Handbook....  I really want to go high in this field and your pedigree is what attracts me most. Thank you as I pray for your prolonged stay on earth such that your contributions will keep touching lives in this domain of geoscientists." S.C., Nigeria

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S.P., Surrey, UK.


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S.A., Calgary

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T.F., San Antonio

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I have been using your manual for a couple of years and like the way you explain most things in a way a geologist can understand so I wanted to finally send the payment." 

T.M., Calgary

An excellent and stimulating website – thanks"

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A.F., Casper, WY

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Serge, Moscow, Russia

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Barry J., Calgary

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S.D., Texas

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D.K., Calgary

"I just wanted to thank you again for the great job you did here.  Everyone really got a lot out of your course and I even overheard the engineers saying they would like to get you back next year to teach the rest of their group."

S.W., Calgary

"Though CRAIN'S PETROPHYSICAL HANDBOOK is a comprehensive reference, full of math and scientific facts,  I find it written in a simple comprehensible way, even for young inexperienced Geologists."

M.W., Egypt

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David D, Texas

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H.D, India

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"For anybody wanting to work with digital well log data, I highly recommend Ross Crain's Simplified Quantitative Log Analysis course." J.M., Calgary

"I would like to thank you for all the work that went into your Log Analysis Handbook. It is one of the standard reference I use with great regularity. The 3rd millennium edition is a welcome work which I look forward to with great interest."

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G.P., Calgary

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R.S., Calgary


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