Case histories of petrophysical analyses form an excellent basis for learning analysis technique and local knowledge that can be adapted to your own workflow. This list gives a view of the earlier technical papers and illustrates many of the foundational approaches to Integrated Petrophysical studies. More modern papers are available from


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1.  Role Of Reflection Seismic In Development of Nembe Creek Field,

    Nigeria.  P.H.H. Nelson

    AAPG, 1977


2.  Hydrocarbon Habitat of Tertiary Niger Delta

    B. Evamy, J. Haremboure, P. Kamerling, W. Knaap

    AAPG, 1978


3.  The Etosha Basin Reexamined (S.W. Africa)

    J.A. Momper

    OGJ, 1982


4.  Introduction to a Review of Log Interpretation Methos Used in the

    Niger Delta

    A. Poupon, I. Strecker, J. Gartner

    SPWLA, 1967


5.  A Review of Log Interpretaion Methods Used in the Niger Delta

    A. Poupon, I. Strecker, J. Gartner

    SPWLA, 1967


6.  Niger Delta

    SWSC WEC Nigeria, 1966


7.  Well Evaluation Conference - Nigeria

    SWSC WEC, 1974


8.  Petroleum Geology of the Niger Delta

    K. Weber, E. Daukoru

    Shell-BP, Nigeria






1.   Formation Evaluation in Indonesia

     C. Dadrian, H. Brown, J. Geotz, B. Marchette

     SPWLA, 1973


2.   Chinese Bottlenecks

     Far Eastern Economic Review

     China, 1972


3.   Role of Integrated Study of Core and Log Analysis in Realistic

     Estimation of Reserves of L-III Horizon of Bombay High Fields

     D.K. Gupta, S.K. Sharma, R. Dalavi, H. Raj

     SPWLA, 1981


4.   The Status of Well Log Interpretaion in India

     S. Itenberg, J. Koithara, K.H. Hashmy

     SPWLA, 1969


5.   Geophysical Well Logging in the Soviet Union

     G.V. Keller

     SPWLA, 1966


6.   Bangladesh:  A Brief Account of Geology and Hydrocarbon


     M. Maroof Khan

     OGJ, 1981


7.   Review of the Results of Some Petrophysical Studies on

     Cores From Assam Oil Fields, India

     J. Koithora, J.S. Bisht, U.V.S. Nohwar

     SPWLA, 1973


8.   Log Interpretation in Malay Basin

     K. Kuttan, C. Stockbridge, H. Crocker, J. Rembry


9.   Eastern Asia Coasts Offshore Are Promising Pertroleum Frontiers

     A.A. Meyerhoff

     OGJ, 1976


10.  Soviet Oil Flow Up, But Signs of Trouble Multiply



11.  Outline of Sedimentary Geology of Maine Oil-Basinal Areas in


     A. Pulunggono, P.N. Pertamina

     WEC Indonesia, 1971


12.  Geology of Offshore Northwest Palawan, Philippines -1

     Dr. A. Saldivar-Sali, Dr. H.G. Oesterle, D. Brownlee

     OGJ, 1981


13.  Logging Methods in Japan

     H. Sato

     SPWLA, 1968


14.  Computer P{rocessed Interpretation

     WEC Indonesia, 1970


15.  Water Injection in China:  Waterflooding the Oil Reservoirs of


     Lin Zhifang

     OGJ Report, 1982





1.  Geology and Mineral Deposits - Australian

    Australian National Government Publication, 1969


2.  Australia's Amadeus Basin Has Cambro-Ordovican Potential

    D. Casey, J. Harrison

    WO, 1981


3.  Formation Evaluation in Australia

    H. Crocker, I. Strecker

    SPWLA, 1968


4.  Antarctica - Operating Conditions and Petroleum Prospects

    L.F. Ivanhoe

    OGJ, 1980


5.  The Definition of Development of the Mackerel Field, Gippsland


    D.M. Maughan, A. Mebberson, D. Morton

    OGJ, 1981


6.  Exploration Results Off South New Zealand

    R. Sanford

    OGJ, 1980


7.  Australia's Northwest Shelf:  Gas is the Current Attraction

    J.S. Thomas, E.O. Nextvold, A. Crastella

    WO, 1978


8.  Bass Basin Set for New Exploration

    O.D. Weaver, Y. Houde, J. Downing, J. Smitherman, C. Nettels

    OGJ, 1982






1.   Petrophysical Evidence of Cementation Differences in the Cardium


     W.R. Almon

     CWLS, 1979


2.   The Relationship of Reservoir Permeability to Measured Laboratory


     W.R. Aufricht

     CWLS, 1968


3.   HIBERNIA - A Petrophysical and Geologican Review

     R. Benteau, M.G. Sheppard

     JCPT, 1982


4.   Hamilton Cherhill:  A Case History

     J.R.M. Berry, R.F. Mercer

     The Log Analyst, 1977


5.   Naturally Occurring Gas Hydrates in the MacKenzie Delta

     C. Bily, J.W.L. Dick

     Imperial Oil


6.   The Successful Application of a Neutron Acoustic Crossplot to the

     Dolomite Sandstone of the Belloy

     W. Calloway, W.D. Smith

     JCPT, 1982


7.   Water Saturation Determination in the Keg River Formation of the

     Zama Field Using Logs and Oil Base Cores

     H.N. Collins

     CWLS, 1970


8.   Formation Oddities and Their Response on Wire-Line Logs

     J.T. Costello

     CWLS, 1968


9.   Log Interpretation in the High Arctic

     E.R. Crain

     CWLS, 1977


10.  An Empirical Approach to Log Interpretation in the Viking Sand of

     East Central Alberta

     W.C. Cutress

     SPWLA, 1974


11.  Logging Oddities - Radioactive Clean Dolomite

     CWLS, 1971


12.  Logging Oddities

     CWLS, 1970


13.  Petrophysical Evaluation Methods:  Basal Quartz Formaiton,

     Manyberries Area, Alberta

     B.W. Davis

     CWLS, 1979


14.  The Two That Nearly Go Away - But Didn't

     G.E. Dawson-Grove

     CWLS, 1972


15.  Shallow Gas:  How to Locate Easily Missed Pay Sands

     G.E. Dawson-Grove

     World Oil, 1977


16.  A Guide to Improved Formation Evaluation in Carbonates of

     Northwestern Alberta

     A.H. Dorin, A.E. Chase, A. W. Linke



17.  A Guide to Improved Formation Evaluation in Carbonates of

     Northwest Alberta

     A.H. Dorin, A. Chase, A. Linke

     SPWLA, 1965


18.  A Simple Method of Verifying the Air/Mercury to Water/Oil

     Conversion Factor

     J. R. Eade

     CWLS, 1971


19.  The Sidewall Epithermal Neutron Log as a Porosity and Lithology

     Device in the Zama-Lutose Area of Northwest Alberta

     J.R. Eade

     CWLS, 1970


20.  Dome's Dilema:  Long Tools, Thin Sands

     Energy, 1982


21.  Large Scale Log Interpretation of Water Saturation for Two Complex

     Devonian Reef Reservoirs in Western Canada

     C.R. Glenville

     SPWLA, 1965


22.  How Well Logs Were Used to Improve Evaluation of a Gas Storage


     J.M. Hawkins, R.W. Snyder, S.B. Pahawa

     JPT, 1977


23.  Correlation of Producing Formations in the Sverdrup Basin

     D. Henao-Londono



24.  Application of Porosity - Water Saturation Relationships to Log

     Analysis in Southeast Saskatchewan

     A. Heslop

     CWLS, 1966


25.  Petrophysical Evaluation of the Farewell Structure Sand Reservoir

     MacKenzie Delta

     H.M. Howells, J.R. Wilkinson


26.  Paleogeography and Sedimentation in the Upper Paleozoic, Eastern


     R.D. Howie, M.S. Barss

     GSC, 1974


27.  Clinton Exploration and Production on the Ontario Side of Lake


     D. Hurd, D. Kingston

     PE, 1978


28.  Computer Reconciliation of Sonic Log And Core Analysis in the

     Boundary Lake Field

     F.S. Jeffries, E.M. Kemp

     Oil In Canada, 1963


29.  An Improved Method for the Analysis of Reservoir Rocks Containing


     R.E. Jenkins, D.C. Bush, W.R. Aufricht

     CWLS, 1970


30.  Some Practical Applications to Improve Formation Evaluation of

     Sandstones in the MacKenzie Delta

     W.L. Johnson, W.A. Linke

     CWLS, 1977


31.  Road Allowances Drilling Evaluation in the Lloydminster Area

     R.H. Knudsen, L. Freitag

     CWLS, 1970


32.  The Evaluation of Very Shaly Formations in Canada Using a

     Systematic Approach

     H. Kowalchuk, G. Coates

     SPWLA, 1974


33.  Optimizing Completions in the Milk River Sand

     H.J. Kowalchuk,  F.C. Coles

     CIM, 1974


34.  Use of the Sidewall Neutron Log in the Keg River Formation of the

     Zama Area

     J.R. Lishman

     SPWLA, 1967


35.  Canada's East Coast:  The New Super Petroleum Province

     E. Mancini, J.W. Payne

     JCPT, 1982


36.  Second Generation Pembina Play Raises Deep Implications Across


     Oilweek, 1977


37.  Petrophysical Study of the Cardium Sand in the Pembina Field

     W.T. MacKenzie

     CWLS, 1975


38.  Countess Oil Field, South Central Alberta:  Case History in

     Finding a Stratigraphic Trap

     A.W. McCoy, C.A. Moritz

     OGJ, 1982


39.  Petrophysical Evaluation of the Bluesky Sand, Bassett Area Alberta

     J.T. McCoy

     CIM, 1977


40.  Rock Fluid Relationship Studies on the Windfall D-3A Reservoir and

     Their Application in Evaluating Gas Cycling Effectiveness

     T.B. McFadzean

     JCPT, 1977


41.  Exploration Prospects in the Canadian Arctic Islands

     R.A. Menely



42.  Exploration Potential of the Scotian Shelf

     R.A. Menely

     Drilling Canada, 1981


43.  Sable Island Geology Heralds Threshold Reserves

     Oilweek, 1980


44.  Beaufort Sea:  The Biggest Year Ever Frontier Exploration

     Oilweek, 1981


45.  East Coast:  The Grand Banks Remain Number one

     Oilweek, 1981


46.  Offshore East Canada's Organic Type and Color and Hydrocarbon


     OGJ, 1977


47.  Log Interpretation in the Ricinus Area of West Central Alberta

     R.H. Paul

     CWLS, 1970


48.  Formation Water Saturation in Gas Reservoirs -  A Comparison of

     Log Derived Values With Data Derived From Extracted Oil Base Core

     R.H. Paul

     SPWLA, 1968


49.  Log Interpretation in Complex Gas Bearing Reefs Northeast British


     R.H. Paul

     SPWLA, 1967


50.  A Reserves Review of the Pembina Cardum Oil Pool

     R.A. Purvis, W.G. Bober

     JPT, 1979


51.  Arctic Islands Potential Should Justify High Costs

     F.G. Rayer

     WO, 1979


52.  Exploration Prospects and Future Petroleum Potential of the

     Canadian Arctic Islands

     F.G. Rayer

     JPT, 1981


53.  Petrophysical Relationships From the Western Canada Area

     W.D.M. Smith

     SPWLA, 1969


54.  A Modified Shaly Sand Equation for the Western Canada Cretaceous

     S.D.M. Smith, R.J. Rodileau

     CWLS, 1977


55.  A Log Analysis Manual for the Western Canada Analyst

     W.D. Smith

     Lane-Wells, 1978


56.  Milk River Saraband Quality Control

     SOC, 1976


57.  Shallow Gas:  Examples & Interpretations

     SOC, 1976


58.  Canadian Arctic Islands - Cross Section

     J.S. Sproule and Assoc.



59.  Natural Gas in the Arctic Islands, Discovered Rexerves and Future


     D.C. Waylett

     Canadian Gas Association


60.  Operator Interest Keen in U.S. Beaufort Sea

     B. Williams

     OGJ, 1982


61.  An Alberta Gas Supply Response Model:  Predicting Future


     C.R. Winter, B.A. Craig

     Technology, 1981


62.  Log Interpretaion Chart for Western Canada Reservoirs

     Professional Log Evaluation Ltd.






1.   A Review of the Status of the Basic Well Logging and

     Interpretation Methods Applied in Hungary

     Z. Barlai, I. Czegledi, P. Muller

     SPWLA, 1973


2.   Logging Programs and Log Analysis Techniques for Norwegian North

     Sea Wells

     C.R. Glanville, F. S. Millard, B.E. Morgan

     The Log Analyst, 1977


3.   New Log Data Give Better North Sea Well Completions

     G.M. Hodson, W.H. Fertl, G.W. Hammack

     World Oil, 1975


4.   Logging Problems in the North Sea

     A. Misk, A. Poupon


5.   A Log Analysis Method for Ekofisk Field, Norway

     J.D. Owen

     SPWLA, 1972


6.   Logging and Perforating in W.W. Germany

     H.W. Sorber

     SPWLA, 1966


7.   How Oxy's Log Program Evaluation Piper

     OGJ, 1975


8.   Geology of the North Seas

     SWSC, WEC, 1974


9.   Jurassic Sandstone Reservoirs

     SWSC WEC, 1974


10.  Lower Tertiary and Upper Cretaceous Carbonates

     SWSC WEC, 1974


11.  Paleocene Sandstones

     SWSC WEC, 1974


12.  Computer Processed Interpretation of the Rotliegendes Formation

     WEC, 1974






1.  Egypt's Petroleum Geology:  Good Ground For Optimism

    A.S. Abdine

    World Oil, 1981


2.  Evaluation of Middle East Reservoirs with Complex Lithology

    D.E. Barid

    SPWLA, 1968


3.  Outline of Southeastern Middle East Stratigraphy

    E. Hart

    SWSC WEC Middle East, 1967


4.  On the Problem and Some Results of Well-Logging and Surface

    Geophysical Survey in the Petroleum Prospecting on the Karia Ba

    Mohamed Area, Morocco

    S. Demnati, J. Frydecki, A. Kulikowski, E. Nowicka

    SPWLA, 1980


5.  Outline of Sedimentary Geology of Libya

    SWSC WEC Libya, 1970


6.  Well Logging in the Middle Eastern and Similar Large Reservoirs

    P. Threadgold

    SPWLA, 1967


7.  Complex Lithology

    SWSC WEC Libya, 1970


8.  Shaly Sands

    SWSC WEC Libya, 1970


9.  Field Studies

10. SWSC WEC Arabia, 1975

             Iran, 1976





1.   Logging Programs in Northeastern South America

     H.B. Brown, H.A. Salisch

     SPWLA, 1971


2.   South Lake Maracaibo Log Analysis

     H.D. Brown, J.D. Cunningham, H.A. Salisch

     SPWLA, 1971


3.   Commercially Prospective Oil Accumulation in the Fractured

     Basement Complex of the Hama Area of the Orinoco Petroliferous

     Belt, Eastern Venezuela

     D. Flores

     CWLS, 1981


4.   Log Evaluation of Tuffites and Tuffaceous Sandstones in Southern


     A. Khatchikian, P. Lesta.

     SPWLA, 1973


5.   The Dual Spacing Neutron Log (CNL) in Venezuela

     J.E. Hung, H.A. Salisch

     SPWLA, 1972


6.   Falklands Seem Attractive Wildcat Target

     J.C. McCaslin

     OGJ, 1982


7.   Log Interpretation in Bolibia

     H.A. Salisch, H. D. Brown

     SPWLA, 1966


8.   Argentina Offers Something for Everyone

     J.J. Stewart-Gordon

     World Oil, 1980


9.   Porosity and Lithology Determination With Logs in the Caimancito

     Field, Jujuy Province, Argentina.

     SPWLA, 1976


10.  Petroleium Geolog of Trinidad and Tobago.

     P.R. Woodside

     OGJ, 1981


11.  Giant Fields in Southeast Mexico - ARTICLE

     OGJ, 1981






1.  Formation Evaluation in Heavy Oil Sands

    J.S. Brown

    SPWLA, 1966


2.  Log Evaluation and Monitoring of a Unique Heavy Oil Reservoir

    Project, Alberta Canada

    P. Campbell, M. Cucheck, E. Forst, W.H. Fertl

    CIMM, 1982


3.  Log-Core Correlations in the Athabasca Oil Sands

    N.N. Collins

    SPE, 1976


4.  Well Log Analysis in Heavy Oil Sands

    B. Cossett

    CWLS, 1981


5.  Sample Disturbance in Athabasca Oil Sand

    M.B. Dusseault

    JCPT, 1980


6.  Round Robin Study of Analytical Procedures of Various Laboratories

    on Assay Analysis of Athabasca Tar Sands

    J.R. Eade

    CWLS, 1975


7.  Athabasca Oil Sand Evaluation Usinig Core and Log Analysis and

    Ocological Data Processing Methods.

    R.W. Fetzner, W.L. Henson, F.J. Feigl

    SPWLA, 1966


8.  Commercially Prospective Heavy Oil Accumulation in the Basement

    Complex of the Hamaco Area of Orinoco Belt, Eastern Venezuela

    D. Flores, S.P. Meneven

    SPWLA, 1981


9.  How a Texas Heavy Oil Prospect Was Evaluated

    R. Freedman, J.R. Studlick

    Technololgy, 1981


10. Evaluation of a Heavy Oil Prospect Banderea Tan Area- Maverick and

    Zavala Counties, Texas

    R. Freedman, J. Studlick

    SPWLA, 1981


11. Importance of Reservoir Description in Evaluating In-Situ Recovery

    Method for Cold Lake Heavy Oil

    G.H. Kendall

    JCPT, 1977


12. Sediment-Geological Study of a Steam-Drive Project in the Deltaic

    River Sands

    C. Kruit, S. Maraven



13. Core Analysis of Unconsolidated and Friable Sands

    C.C. Mattax, R.M. McKinley, A.T. Clothier

    JPT, 1975


14. Petrophysical Mapping of the Wabiscaw Sand, Marten Hills Area,


    J.T. McCoy, E.J. Burge

    SPWLA, 1976


15. Errors in Core Oil Content Data Measured by the Retat Distillation


    J.J. Rathmell

    SPE, 1966


16. Well Logs Evaluate and Monitor Heavy Oil Steamflood in Kern County,


    C. Rowx, W.H. Fertl, E. Frost, D. Stedman, D. Elliot

    CWLS, 1981


17.  Evaluation of the Albert Tar Sands

     R.C. Sah, A.E. Chase, L.E. Wells

     AIME, 1974


18.  Measurement of Petrophysical Properties of Unconsolidated Sand


     B.F. Swanson, E.C. Thomas

     SPWLA, 1980


19.  Athabasca Tar Sand Reservoir Properties Derived From Cores and


     R. Woodhouse

     CWLS, 1976


20.  Tar Sands Core Analysis Versus Log Analysis Controversy - Does It

     Really Matter

     R.W. Zwicky, J.R. Eade

     CWLS, 1977


21. The Cold Lake Project:  A Report to the Energy Conservation Board

    Imperial Oil Limited, 1978




1.   Mitchell Energy Foam Fracs Tight Gas Zones

     W.B. Bleakley

     PEI, 1980


2.   Evaluation of Shaly Sands With Low Deliverability

     D.E. Cannon

     CIMM, 1973


3.   Log Evaluation Results in the Deep Basin Areas of Alberta

     E.R. Crain

     CWLS, 1981


4.   Log Analysis in Tight Gas Sands - A Reconnaissance Study

     G.E. Dawson-Grove

     CWLS, 1979


5.   The Time-Economics of Developing Low-Grade Petroleum  Deposits

     G.E. Dawson-Grove

     SPWLA, 1979


6.   Evaluating and Logging Tight Rocks of South Texas

     T.H. Fett

     World Oil, 1980


7.   Formation Evaluation and Gas Detection in Shallow,

     Low-Permeability Shaly Sands of the Northern Great Plans Province

     G.C. Kukal

     SPE, 1979


8.  Gas Recovery From Tight Formations

    V.A. Kuusdraa, J.P. Brashear

    SPE , 1979


9.  Canada's Deep Basin:  Is It a Major New Gas Province?

    J.A. Masters

    World Oil, 1978


10. Deep Basin Gas Trap - Western Canada

    J.A. Masters

    AAPG Bulletin, 1978


11. Gas-Price Effect on Exploraiton Drilling Studied

    K. McConnell

    OGJ, 1981


12   Gas Reservoirs, Deep Basin, Western Canada

     G.E. McMaster

     JCPT, 1981


13.  Development of Shallow Gas Reserves in Low Permeability Reservoirs

     of Late Cretaceous Age

     G.L. Nyudegger, D.D. Rice, C.A. Brown

     SPE, 1979


14.  NPC Sees Big Potential for U.S. Tight Gas

     OGJ, 1980


 15. Exploration - CanHunter Style

     Oilweek, 1978


16.  Calculation and Significance of Water Saturations in Low Porosity

     Shaly Gas Sands

     M.J. Rosepiler

     SPWLA, 1981


17.  How Technology and Price Affect U.S. Tight Gas Potential

     Part 2 - Economics of Tight Gas Production

     R.W. Veatch, Jr., O. Baker

     Petroleum Engineer, April 1983


18.  Stimulating the Triassic Carbonates in the Foothills Gas Tred of

     Northeast British Columbia

     R.P. Wade, K. Aziz

     Technology, 1981


 19. An Update on Federal Tight Sands Incentive Policies

     World Oil, 1980


20.  Analyses of an Elmworth Hydraulic Fracture

     R.E. Wyman, S.A. Holditch, P.L. Randolph

     SPE, 1979





1.   Subdivision, Stratigraphy of Pre-Punta Gorda Florida Rocks (lower

     most Cretaceous-Jurassic)

     A.V. Applegate, G.L. Winston, J.G. Palacas

     OGJ, 1982


2.   Hydrocarbon Potential in Gulf of Alaska - What Happened?

     B.W. Aud

     OGJ, 1979


3.   Waveland Field:  Analyses of Facies, Diagenesis, and Hydrodynamics

     in Mooringsport Reservoirs

     L.R. Baria

     OGJ, 1982


4.   Gas Detection in Sands of High Silt-Clay Content in the Cook Inlet


     F. Bettis

     SPWLA, 1977


5.   Well Log Analysis in the Austin Chalk Trend

     W.D.  Bishop, M.R. DeVries, W.H. Fertl

     SPWLA, 1977


6.   Unconformities - The Key To

     H. Bushnell

     OGJ, 1981


7.   Log Evaluation of a Fractured Reservoir Monterey Shale

     D.E. Cannon


8.   Pressure Build Up Characteristics in Austin Chalk Wells

     E. Claycomb

     OGJ, 1982


9.   How to Drill and Complete Austin Chalk Wells

     C. Coffman

     PEI, 1982


10.  Upgrading Medina Gas Well Production in Western New York

     D. Copley

     World Oil, 1980


11.  Wireline Operations in the Deep Delaware Basin

     J.D. Cunningham, F.D. Fulkerson

     SPE, 1966


12.  A Preliminary Evaluation of Various Log Analysis Techniques for

     the Eastern Devonian Shales - Fractured Shales

     J.B. Curtis, W.G. Fingleton

     CWLS, 1979


13.  Drilling and Completion Practices in Active U.S. Areas

     J.P. David

     World Oil, 1981


14.  Impact Craters: Implications for Basement Hydrocarbon Production

     R. Donofiro

     OGJ, 1981


15.  Anadarko Shows Unique Problems, Economics

     J.K. Drisdale

     OGJ, 1982


16.  Geology and Petroleum Potential of Alaska's Norton Basin Area

     M.A. Fisher, W.W. Patton, M.L. Holmes

     OGJ, 1982


17.  Evaluation of Hosston and Cotton Valley Fine Grained Sandstones

     J.M. Forgotson, J.M. Forgotson, Jr.

     SPWLA, 1974


18.  Formation Evaluation in the Texas Cretaceous Chalk Trend

     E. Frost  D. Stedman, W. Fertl

     World Oil, 1982


19.  Anomalies Observed onWell Logs

     G.W. Hammack, W.H. Fertl

     SPWLA, 1976


20.  Depth Porosity Relationships of the Anadorko Basin

     R.A. Hefner

     PE, 1980


21.  Williston - Reviving of a Giant Oil Province.

     D. Hoffman

     OGJ, 1981


22.  Economics of Austin Chalk Production

     S.A. Holditch, D.E. Lancaster

     OGJ, 1982


23.  East Cameron Block 270, A.Pleistocene Field

     D.S. Holland, C.E. Sutley, R.E. Berlitz, J.A. Gilreath

     SPWLA, 1970


24.  Case Histories of Subsurface Log Data Exploration Patterns in

     Eastern Powder River Basin

     B. Jones

     SPWLA, 1967


25.  Computer Caliper, Fingerprints of the hole, From Austin Chalk to


     H.W. Kading

     SPWLA, 1977


26.  Operators Charge Ahead in Overthrus Drilling

     W. Keener

     PEI, 1981


27.  Electrical Resistivity of Modern Reef Sediments From Midway Atoll

     G.V. Keller

     SPWLA, 1969


28.  Interpreting Silurian Niagaran Reefs in the Michigan Basin

     J.S. Labo

     SPWLA, 1977


29.  Atokan Clastics - Depositional Environments In

     G. Lovelick, C.G. Massini, D.A. Kotila

     OGJ, 1982


30.  Preplatform Exploration of High Island Blocks A-560 and A-561

     J.W. Lund, J.S. King, R. Berlitz, J.A. Gilreath

     OGJ, 1979


31.  Toward a Rational Strategy for Oil Exploration

     Scientific American, 1981

     Smackover Carbonate Petroleum Geology in Southwest Alabama

     E. Mancini, D. Benson

     OGJ, 1981


32.  A Look at Lower Tuscaloosa Petroleum potential in S.W. Alabama

     E. Mancini, J.W. Payne

     OGJ, 1982


33.  Comparison of Log and Core Results for an Extremely Heterogeneous

     Carbonate Reservoir

     L.C. Marchent, E.J. White

     SPWLA, 1968


34.  U.S. Atlantic Continental Margin, 1976 - 1981

     R. Mattick

     OGJ, 1981


35.  New Report Presents Lithologic Analysis of San Andres Formation

     M. C. McCaslin

     OGJ, 1982


36.  What to Expect When Logging the Cotton Valley Trend

     P. Nangle, W. Fertl, E. Frost

     World Oil, 1982


37. Logging in the Ellenburger - 1970

    R.H. Neustaedter, A.W. Schmidt

    API, 1970


38.  Log Evaluation of Deep Ellenburger gas zones

     R.H. Neustaedter

     SPE AIME, 1968


39.  Log Evaluation Techniques in Unita Basin Found Faulty

     J. Osoba, R. Gist, H. Carroll

     World Oil, 1981


40.  The Determination of Porosity in Sandstones and Shaly Sandstones

     Part One - Quality Control

     J.G. Patchett, E.H. Coalson

     CWLS, 1979


41.  Appalachian Gas Bearing Devonian Shales:  Statements and


     P.R. Potter, J.B. Maynard, W. Pryor

     OGJ, 1982


42.  Hydrocarbon Well Logging in the Williston Basin Cross Sections of

     Case Histories

     H. Rowe, J. McAdams, R. Mercer

     Continental Laborities, 1978



43.  Gulf Coast Stratigraphic Traps in the Lower Cretaceous Carbonates

     R. Sams

     OGJ, 1982


44.  Operators Seek 200 BCF Gas Fields in Southern Mississippi

     D. Scherer

     World Oil, 1981


45.  Computerized Log Analysis for Efficiently Evaluating Gas Wells and

     Gas Storage Reservoirs

     A.W. Schmidt, D.H. Tinch, B. Carpenter, W.R. Hoyle

     SPWLA, 1967


46.  Logging Offshore Wells in the United States

     R.B. Snow, W.H. Throop, J.A. Williams

     SPWLA, 1968


47.  Petrophysical Evaluation of the Diatomite Formation of the Lost

     Hills Field, California

     I.J. Stosur, A. David

     JPT, 1976


48.  Logging and Evaluation High Angle Well Bores on a Large Scale

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