This page contains a bibliography of computer aided log analysis from its earliest days to about 1985. Times have changed but many of the algorithms from the 1970's and 1980's persist in current software that evolved from the earlier work. There were over 50 software packages named in my original list. None of the tradename still exist. All have either disappeared or been absorbed by new corporate ventures. Some have evolved to keep up with current computer capabilities, gaining new tradenames With current hardware and software, you may see techniques from 50 years ago that are now practical - take a look at the list below!

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. Schlumberger Systems

          1.   A Progress Report on Machine Interpretation of Well Log

               J.H. Moran, W. Hoyle, E.E. Finlea, J.L. Dumanoir

               SPWLA, 1962


          2.   Schlumberger - Rwa & Fr/Fs - Log Analysis (IBM  Machine programmed)

               SWSC, 1962


          3.   Programs for Porosity, Lithology and MOP

               SWSC, 1965, (FORTRAN II listings)


          4.   Current Status of the Art of Machine Data Processing of Logging Information


               SPWLA, 1965


          5.   Program for Shaly Sands

               WEC, Middle East, 1967


          6.   Applications of the Saraband  Sand Shale Technique in North America

               J.R. Ratliff, W.H. Throop, F.G. Williams, J.D. Hall

               SWSC, 1971


          7.   Applications of the Coriband Technique to Complex Lithologies

               A.W. Schmidt, A.G. Land, Y.D. Yunker, E.C. Kilfore

               SPWLA, 1971


          8.   CORIBAND, A Computer Program for Advanced Log Interpretation (Technical Report)

               SWSC, 1972.


          9.   Synergetic Log Systems Definition and Application, I.P. Norquay

               CWLS, 1972.


          10.  Summary and Explanation of Input and Output Terms in Saraband,
                 Schlumberger, 1972.


          11.  A Sandstone Analysis (Tabular listing of Saraband),

                Schlumberger, 1972.


          12.  Saraband (A Sandstone Analysis), SWSC

               SWSC, Exploration Brochure, 1972


          13.  Saraband -  A Sandstone Analysis

               Schlumberger Brochure, 1973


          14.  More Complete Open-Hole Interpretation, LIP,

               Chapter Four, 1974.


          15.  Log Data Processing for Interpretation -

               Parameter Selection

               LIP, Chapter Seven, 1974.


          16.  Computer Processed Interpretation (CPI) Logs,

               LIP, Chapter Eight, 1974.


          17.  Special Applications

               LIP, Chapter 10, 1974.


          18.  Computer Processed Interpretation Coriband-

               Analysis of Complex Reservoirs

               Schlumberger Brochure, 1974


          19.  Coriband, Analysis of Complex Reservoirs,

               SWSC, Explanation Brochure, 1974


          20.  A Coriband Analysis - Tabular Listing

               SWSC, 1974


          21.  Log Samples - The 2-Log System

               SWSC, 1974


          22.  Log Sample - Varian Pass One

               SWSC, 1974


          23.  Evaluation with Saraband - Dipmeter, (Slide

               Presentation - Internal Document)

               SWSC, 1975


          24.  Schlumberger Synergetic Log Systems, for

               Sand Assay by Saraband

               SWSC, 1975


          25.  Customer Tape Format

               SWSC, 1976.


          26.  A Coal and Lithology Analysis - Log


               SWSC, 1976


          27.  The Theoretical and Experimental Bases for

               Dual Water Models for Interpretation of Shaly

               Sands (CYBERLOOL)

               C. Clavier, G. Coates, J. Dumanoir

               SPE, 1977.


          28.  Global, A New Approach to Computer Processed

               Log Interpretation

               C. Mayer, A. Sibbit

               SPE, 1980.


          29.  Global Methods

               SWSC, (Internal Document), 1980


          30.  Global Slide Presentation

               SWSC, (Internal Document), 1980


          31.  Global Interpretation

               SWSC, (Internal Document), 1980.


          32.  An Effective Log Analysis for Hydrocarbon

               Evaluation - The "Moveable Water Method",

               A. Wenchong

               The Log Analyst, 1981.


          33.  A More Accurate Water Saturation Evaluation

               in the Invaded Zone

               C. Boyeldieu, A. Sibbit

               SPWLA, 1981.


          34.  Volan Methods, Sales Reference Documents,



          35.  Lithog - A New Lithology Analysis,

               T.R. Buchanan, R. Leith

               CWLS, 1982.


          36.  Lithodensity Tool Interpretation, SWSC, 1982.


          37.  Faciolog Brochure

               SWSC, 1983.


Oil Company Systems


          1.   Proposal for an Electric Log Data Processing


               L.M. Godfrey, Texas Instruments,

               (Internal Document), 1962.


          2.   The Universal Log Interpretation Computer


               E.A. Breitenbach, Marathon Oil Company

               SPWLA, 1965.


           3.  Quantitative Log Evaluation of the Prairie

               Evaporate Formation in Saskatchewan

               E.R. Crain, Schlumberger

               CIM, 1965.


          4.   Correlation and Analysis of Well Bore

               Information by Computer

               G.C. Knutson, McDaniel Consultants

               (Internal Document), 1965.


          5.   The Universal Log Interpretation Computer

               Program - Nuclear Log Evaluation

               H.B. Evans, Marathon Oil Co.

               SPWLA, 1965.


          6.   Computer Coordinated Core & Log Interpretation


               M. Herb, L. Keener

               SPWLA, 1965.


          7.   Formation Evaluation in Foreign Operations


               R.A. Robertson

               SPWLA, 1966.


          8.   Reservoir Volume Calculations With A Well

               Data System

               F. Jeffries, Imperial Oil Company

               SPWLA, 1967.


          9.   Geological Well Log Data System

               CDP, (Internal Document), 1967


          10.  Imperial Oil Using Wireline Logs for Computer

               Evaluation of Oil Reserves

               F. Jeffries, F.E. Reichl, Imperial Oil Company

               CP, 1968.


          11.  A Practical Approach to Analysis of Logs by


               G.E. Dawson-Grove, K.R. Palmer, Home Oil Company

               CWLS, 1968.


          12.  Digital Well Logs - Where We Stand

               D.H. Walsh, GTS Corp

               CWLS, 1969.


          13.  Economics of Computer Utilization in Formation


               M. Quint, M. Grosmangin, Geopetrole,

               SPWLA, 1969.


          14.  A Computer Oriented Generalized Porosity -

               Lithology Interpretation of Neutron, Density and

               Sonic Logs

               M.H. Harris, R.B. McCammon, Gulf Rearch

               JCPT, 1971.


          15.  Pore-Volume Program find Reserves

               J.A. Strausser, Equitable Gas Company

               O&GJ, 1977.


          16.  The Digital Logfile - Foundation for the

               Evaluation Team

               J.R. Wilkinson, Shell Oil Co.,

               CWLS, 1977.


          17.  Dialog 45 File Structure, Aquitaine Log

               Analysis Package, (Internal Document), 1979.


          18.  Conlog, F. Williams

               G. Smith, R. Brinson, Conoco Inc.

               SPWLA, 1980.


 Service Bureau and Consultants Systems


          1.   1130 Quantitative Log Analysis Program,

               IBM, 1967.


          2.   Quantitative Well Log Analysis Via Computer

               Driven Graphic Terminals

               P. Gans, IBM, SPWLA, 1966


          3.   Computrex Methods - Time Shale Computer,

               G.W. Hammack

               PE, 1969.


          4.   Log Analysis Using the Time Share Computer


               G.W. Hammack

               SPWLA, 1969.


          5.   Computer Processing of Well Logs

               W.B. Anderson

               CWLS, 1970.


          6.   Log Analysis Using a Time Share Computer

               A. Heslop, Imperial Oil Ltd.

               CWLS, 1970.


          7.   Epilog and Computer Processed Interpretation,

               Dresser Atlas, 1971 - 1977.


          8.   PETROS System Documentation

               McCord-Lewis Energy Services, 1974 - 1984.


          9.   An Interactive Computer System for Well Log Analysis

               S.T. Martner, R.J. Brigham

               SPWLA, 1975.


          10.   LogCalc,
                Scientific Software Inc., 1975.


          11.  Mini Computers for Maxi Analysis

               M.B. Smith, W.W. Souder

               CWLS, 1975.


          12.  Log/Mate Newletters, 1977 - 1982.


          13. The Log/Mate Evaluation System
              E. R. Crain, P.Eng., D.W. Curwen, P.Eng.
              Trans. 7th Formation Evaluation Symposium, CWLS, Calgary, Oct 1979

          14  Determination of Seismic Response Using Edited Well Log Data
               E. R. Crain, P.Eng., J.D. Boyd, P.Geoph.
              CWLS 7th Formation Evaluation Symposium, Oct 1979
              CSEG Annual Symposium, October 1979

15.  Stratigraphic Interpretation from Computer

               Shaly Sand Analysis, R.S. Brown, J.S. Pickel,

                A. Heslop, B.G. Petovello, CWLS, 1979.


          16. Log/Mate System for Analyzing Wells
              E. R. Crain, P.Eng.
              Journal Canadian Petroleum Technology, December 1980

          17.  Wellsite Log Analysis Using a Desktop Computer

               D.A. Krygowski, W.J. Wahlstedt, R.L. Colby

               SPWLA, 1980.


          18.  The Economics of Log Evaluation for LargeProjects

               E.R. Crain, Log/Mate Limited

               SPWLA, 1980.


          19.  Terralog Instruction Manual (DOALA)

               Terradata Inc., 1980.


          20.  Microcomputer Programs for Petroleum Engineers,

               Volume I

               G.B. Asquith, Petroleum Publishing

               Company, 1980.


          21.  Energy Software Systems, Petrophysical

               Evaluation Package, (PEP), 1980.


          22.  Computerized Log Interpretation (Logan and


               A. Heslop, Coment Computer Enterprises, 1980.


          23.  Well Log Analysis and Data Base Reference

               Manual, RAMA Computers Ltd, (Internal

               Document), 1980.


          24.  Computer Interpretation

               Dresser Home Study Course, Chapters 27 - 28, 1981.


          25.  PDC 8500, Portable Log Analysis System

               PDC Inc.,1981.


          26.  PDC 1000 Log Analysis System

               PDC Inc., 1981.


          27.  Interactive Petrophysical Evaluation System,


               C. Moens, Shell Oil Company

               SPWLA, 1981.


          28.  MATPET, Petresim Geological Consultants Ltd.,



          29.  Basic Well Log Analysis for Geologists,
               G.B.Asquith, C. Gibson

               AAPG, 1982.


          30.  Masterlog, Exlog Corporation, 1982.


          31.  Interlog II, Intercomp Inc., 1982.


          32.  RACAL Expert Systems, Racal Inc., 1983.


          33.  The Solution Center, Energy Systems Inc., 1983.


          34.  Full Spectrum Formation Evaluation

               E.T. Connolly, R.A. Reed, Canadian Hunter

               CWLS, 1983.


          35.  The CoRes Log

               T.J. Griffin Jr., Core Laboratories

               CWLS 1983.


          36.  Geological Well Log Analysis (3rd Edition),

               S.J. Pirson, Gulf Publishing Co., 1983. (see

               Appendix I through IV)


          37.  Bar Code Supplement for above, Gulf Publishing

               Co., 1983.


          38.  LOGIO, Adaptive Systems Inc., 1983.


          39.  Stratalog

               Dresser Atlas, 1983.


          40.  The Log Analysis System,
                The Log Analyst, 1983.


          41.  Microcomputer Log Analysis Comes of Age

               A. Heslop, Coment Computer Enterprises

               CWLS, 1983.


          42.  PEP Program Math Documentation, D&S

               Petrophysical Internal Document, 1983.


          43.  LogCalc II, Scientific Software, 1983.


          44.  Micro Based Well Log Analysis System,

               QC Data Collectors Inc., 1984.


          45.  Log/Mate Plus and Log/Mate ESP, D&S

               Petrophysical, 1984.


          46.  Log/Mate Newletters, D&S Petrophysical, 1983-1984.


          47.  LOG/MATE ESP - A Fourth Generation Computer

               Language For Log Analysis

               E.R.Crain, D.Jaques, K.Knill, K.Edwards

               CWLS, 1985


 Wellsite Computer Analysis


          1.   Well-Site Recording of Moveable Oil Plot

               M.L. Millican, L.L. Raymer, R.P. Alger

               Schlumberger, SWSC, 1963.


          2.   Automatic Log Computation at Well Site:

               Formation Analysis Logs

               M.P. Tixier, F.M. Eaton, D.R. Tanguy, W.P. Biggs


               AIME, 1964


          3.   Technical Memorandum - The Formation Factor

               Moveable Oil Plot, Vol. 2, No. 1

               W.D.M. Smith,

               Dresser Atlas, 1970.


          4.   Well Site Evaluation of Well Logs

               WEC Indonesia, 1971


          5.   Illustrations of Evaluation Techniques

               WEC Indonesia, 1971.


          6.   Rxo/Rt Methods for Wellsite Interpretation,

               J.L. Dumanoir, J.D. Hall, J.M. Jones, Schlumberger,

               SPWLA, 1972.


          7.   Well Site (Quick Look) Interpretation Methods,

               WEC, Northsea, 1974.


          8.   Open Hole Wellsite Interpretation, Schlumberger

               Log Interpretations/Applications, Chapter 3,



          9.   New Digital Logging System Improves Well Data

               Accuracy (Production Progress 1975)

               World Oil, 1975


          10.  Field Evaluation of Direct Digital Well Logging,

               L.M. Moseley

               SPWLA, 1976.


          11.  The Cyber Service Unit - An Integrated Logging


               F.M. Eaton, J.W. Elliott, F.D. Hurlston,

               R.S. Olsen, D.J. Vanderschel, J.P. Warren,

               AIME, 1976.


          12.  Use Caution with Movable Oil Plot

               W.H. Fertl, Dresser Atlas

               O&GJ, 1977.


          13.  The Cyber Service Unit - Bring the Advantages of

               Schlumberger Computer Logging Services to the



               SWSC, 1977.


          14.  Wellsite Formation Analysis Using the DDL*


               M.P. Head, M. Gearhart

               AIME, 1977.


          15.  Direct Digital Logging (DDL)

               GO, 1977.


          16.  Your own DDL TM Logging Capability

               GO, 1977.


          17.  The Theoretical and Experimental Bases for the

               "Dual Water" Model for the Interpretation of

               Shaly Sand (Cyberlook)

               C. Clavier, G. Coates, J. Dumanoir

               SPE, 1977.


          18.  DDL - The Most Advanced Logging System Available

               in the World


               GO, 1977.


          19.  Quick Quantitative Wellsite Log Evaluation

               with the Rxo/Rt Curve

               S.J. Pirson, Consultant

               The Log Analyst, 1978.


          20.  A Computer Processed Wellsite Log Computation

               D.L. Best, J.S. Gardner, J.L. Dumanoir

               SPWLA, 1978.


          21.  Cyberservice Wellsite Answers in Western Canada

               T.R. Buchanan, H.A.P. Lagasse

               CWLS, 1979



          22.  Major Application of Minicomputers in the Field

               begun by Schlumberger

               Oilweek, 1979.


          23.  Wellsite Computer Analysis: A Program for Complex


               M.P. Head

               SPE, 1979.


          24.  Operating Techniques - Cyberlook Log, Schlumberger,

               JPT, 1980.


          25.  Prolog Wellsite Analysis

               DA, 1980.


          26.  Computerized Logging Service

               DA, 1980.


          27.  McPhar RD-600: Computerized Logging System,

               Customer Information Manual, 1981.


          28.  A Sensitivity Study of Schlumberger's

               Cyberlook Computation and its Comparison

               to Other Evaluation Methods

               J.R. Studlick, Shell/Schlumberger

               SPWLA, 1981.


          29.  Prolog Wellsite Analysis - Part II

               E. Frost, W. Fertl

               DA, 1981.



          30.  SIE Digital Logging System, 1982.


          31.  Advanced Geophysical Well Logging System, Gemini II



          32.  Announcing a New Development from Well, DLS,

               Welex, 1982.


          33.  Schlumberger Cyber Service Unit, An Integrated

               Logging System



 Regional Analysis Systems:


          1.   Projective Well Log Interpretation, World Oil,

               S.J. Pirson, Consultant, University of Texas,



          2.   Exploration Well Log Analysis (Recon), System


               E.A. Breitenbach, Slide Presentation

               SSC, 1972.


          3.   Procedures for the Use of Digital Well Log

               Data in Exploration

               E.A. Breitenbach, D.W. Peterson

               CWLS, 1972.


          4.   Projective Well Log Interpretation - 15 Years


               S.J. Pirson, Consultant, University of Texas

               CWLS, 1974.


          5.   New Technique Finds Strat Traps in Dry Hole Areas,

               G.E. Henderson

               SSC, World Oil, 1974.


          6.   Analyzing Digitized Well Logs Locates Smackover

               Strat Traps

               D.E. Shier

               SSC, World Oil, 1974.


          7.   Digitized Well Logs can Help Boost Success in

               Exploring Shale Intervals

               P.L. Work, GTS,

               O&GJ, 1975.


          8.   Regional Analysis in Exploration, (RECON),

               T. Minor, G.E. Henderson, Riley's Datashare,

               CWLS, 1975.


          9.   Physical and Chemical Signals Around Oil and

               Gas Traps

               S.J. Pirson, Consultant

               Log Analyst, 1978.


          10.  Computer Data Bases Aid Exploration

               D.W. Townsend Geosource Inc.

               O&GJ, 1979.


          11.  Some Uses of Functional Analysis in Petrophysics,

               H.B. Collins, D. Pilles, Petroleum Recovery


               CWLS, 1979.


          12.  Application of Drilling Statistics in Exploration,

               Williston Case History

               P. Stark, Petroleum Information

               O&GJ, 1979.


          13.  Computer Analysis Data for Discovery of Reserves,

               E.C. Dahlberg

               Oilweek, 1979.


          14.  Computers Can Assist Geologists

               E.C. Dahlberg

               Oilweek, 1979.


          15.  Computing Those Elusive Potential Resources,

               E.C. Dahlberg, Institute of Sedimentary Petroleum,

               Canadian Petroleum, 1980.


          16.  Log Normalization by Trend Surface Analysis,

               J.H. Doveton, E. Borneman, Kansas Geological


               SPWLA, 1981.


          17.  Synergistic Exploration: A Team Approach brings


               M. Thomasson, Spectrum Oil & Gas

               WO, 1981.


          18.  Digital Well Log Data - An Exploration Tool for

               the 1980's

               D. Shier, Consultant

               O&GJ, 1982.


          19.  Reservoir Description Services, Schlumberger

               brochure, 1983.



Statistical Analysis Systems:


          1.   Statistical Study of Neutron Logs for

               Correlation Studies

               E.J. Walters, Triad Oil

               SPWLA, 1968.


          2.   Application of a Statistical Zonatation Method,

               Reservoir Evaluation adn Digitized Log Analysis

               D. Gill, University of Michigan

               AAPG, 1969.


          3.   A Statistical Method for Determination of Water

               Saturation from Logs

               C.R. Porter, G.R. Pickett, W.W. Whitman, Phillips Petroleum

               SPWLA, 1969.


          4.   Use of Uncertain Analysis in Evaluating

               Hydrocarbon Pore Volume in Rainbow - Zama Area,

               K.C.G. Pritchard, Chevron

               AIME, 1971.


          5.   Analysis of Errors in Logging Parameters and Their

               Effects on Calculating Water Saturation

               C. Keelil, Alcore

               SPWLA, 1971.


          6.   Normalization of Well Log Data

               G.S. Neinart, C.C. Know, Sun Oil

               SPWLA, 1973.


          7.   Discrimination Analysis in Petrophysics,

               G.M. Heseldin, Shell

               SPWLA, 1976.


          8.   Multivariate Statistical Approaches in Formation


               W.B. Hempkins, Standard Oil

               SPWLA, 1977.


          9.   The Use of Multiple Linear Regression Analysis

               to Calculate Formation Water Saturation From


               J.G. Patchett, Amoco

               SPWLA, 1977.


          10.  Benefits of Linear Log Analysis Models,

               H.N. Collins, D. Pilles, Petroleum Recovery


               SPW, 1981.


          11.  A Conciliating Porosity Exponent Relationship:

               Its Application to Practical Well Log Analysis

               O.G. Rivero, Petroleos Mexicanos

               SPWLA, 1981.


          12.  Diseno de filtros digitales para equiparar

               diferentes tipos de refistros felfisicos

               R.A. Carrasco, U.R. Saldana, Petroleos Mexicanos

               SPWLA, 1981.


Digitizing Systems:


          1.   Application of Magnetic Tapes to Well Logging,

               D.H. Tinch, G.K. Miller, B.N. Carpenter,

               E.J. Warren, Schlumberger, 1965.


          2.   Digitial Transmission of Well Logs by Radio

               and a Telephone, F.M. Eaton, G.J. Decker,

               Schlumberger, AIME, 1965.


          3.   Film Strip Scanner for Computer Input

               G.O. Buchner, Lane Wells

               SPWLA, 1967.


          4.   A Method for Automatically Digitizing Oil Well


               W.B. Anderson, Riley's Datashare

               CWLS, 1968.


          5.   Problems Inherent in the Computer Processing

               of Well Log Data

               E.L. Dillon, Information and

               Computing Center Corp.

               SPWLA, 1969.


          6.   Data Transmission Considerations

               R.L. Dear, Bell Labs,

               SPWLA, 1969.


          7.   A Method of Measuring Graphical Data Quality

               on Well Log Prints

               W.B. Anderson, J.C. Sproule & Associates Ltd.

               CWLS, 1970.


          8.   Digitial Recording of Well Logs

               WEC Indonesia, 1971.


          9.   Application of Data Tranmission to Offshore


               R. Garmard, R. Peveraro, C. Johns, Schlumberger

               AIME, 1972.


          10.  Tape Recording, Transmission, and Processing of

               Log Data

               LIP, Volume 2, Chapter 6, 1974.


          11.  Digital Well Log Standard, Imperial Oil Ltd.



          12.  Customer Tape Format (LIS), SWSC, 1976.


          13.  Bidirectional Telemetry for Downhole Well


               T.S. Matthews

               PE, 1977.


          14.  Well Log Data by Satallite

               A.P.S. Howells, L. Schoonover

               SPWLA, 1977.


          15.  Effective Data Communications with the Drilling


               T.A. Paine

               Drilling, 1978.


          16.  MJ - The System, (Microfiche well log library


               Oilweek, 1978.


          17.  Well Log Digitizing,, Reformation of Wellsite

               Tapes, Digital Log Library Retrieval Services,

               Price Schedule

               Riley's Datashare, RDSI, 1980.


          18.  Digitech Log File (DLF), Technical Description,

               Digitech, 1980.


          19.  Use of Down Logs

               K.B. Hartley, Shell Oil

               O&GJ, 1981.


          20.  P.T. PERDATA Analysis, Digitial Data and

               Computer Services, 1982.


          21.  Tape Tran System, Compec Inc., 1982.


          22.  Rapid Log, Basic Software Systems, 1983.


          23.  Petroleum Information, Digitizing (Advertisement).


          24.  Energy Images Inc., Digitizing (Advertisement).


          25.  Kodak Recording Film Specifications.


26.   QC Data Collectors - Digitizing (Advertisement)




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