Covers topics needed to understand how petrophysical data is acquired in the field and in the laboratory. Conventional and special core analysis are described in detail. Special techniques for total organic carbon, coal, coal bed methane, gas shale and oil shale are described.  Numrous examples are used to illustrate results from lab reports.

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0 Introduction
1 Wireline Logging
2 Coiled Tubing (CT) / Pipe Conveyed Logging
3 Logging While Drilling (LWD)
4 Sample Description Logs
5 Mud Logging
6 Measurements While Drilling (MWD)
7 Core Analysis Overview
8 Coring Methods
9 Core Porosity
10 Core Permeability
11 Core Saturation

12 Relative Permeability   

13 Ca

pillary Pressure
14 Wettability
15 Electrical Properties (A, M, N, CEC)
16 Water Analysis (RW)
17 X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)
18 Elastic Properties / Compressibility
19 Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
20 Coal (Proximate Analysis)
21 Coal Bed Methane (Adsorbed Gas Content Gc)
22 Shale Gas (Adsorbed Gas Content Gc)
23 Oil Shale (Fischer Analysis)  


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