When you work hard and complete one of our full length self-directed courses, you deserve some credit for your effort. So when you have completed the exercises, follow the instructions below to obtain a personalized Certificate of Proficiency.

1. List the chapters in this course and for each chapter, list the three key points to remember (in your opinion) and why they seem important to you or the company you work for.

2. For chapters with numbered exercises, listen to the narration on the exercise slides. Provide your personal solution to those exercises. Show the input data, the equations used, the same equations with numerical values filled in, and the final answer for each equation. For example:

    Input Data: AAA = 6    CCC  = 10   EEE = 1.5

    1: GGG = AAA^2 / CCC = 6^2 / 10 = 3.6
    2: HHH = 100 * (GGG + EEE) = 100 * (3.6 +1.5) = 510

Show units of measurement for each input and each answer  eg Bcf,  weight fraction,  kg/m3, etc

For exercises that require a spreadsheet, design your own or adapt one from the Downloads page at .

3. If the exercise contains only a visual exercise and does not use equations, record your own personal answers in the same format as the example shown in the course slide. Do not assume that the answers in the example are correct - they are there only as a guide. Listen to the exercise slide narration again to see if there are any extra hints on what to look for. Also add a sentence or two to explain what the numerical answers  mean - eg very shaly (or not), low or high porosity, presence of water zones  (or not), other pertinent details of interest to your boss or team members.

4. For chapters that do not include any exercises, write a short paragraph (100 to 200 words) describing the main points to be learned from that chapter. Use your own words - not copy and paste. Pretend you are telling your boss or other team members what you learned from that chapter.

5. Answer all questions in each quiz.

6. Attach XLS spreadsheets and MS Word documents with your answers and
Email to Me.

7. If your answers indicate that you understand the material you studied, a Certificate of Proficiency will be emailed to you. If you fail, you will be offered suggestions on how to improve and will receive one further chance to submit improved results.


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