This is a limited License permitting Licensee to use copyrighted intellectual property of E. R. (Ross) Crain, P.Eng. (the Copyright Holder") for the sole purpose of presenting seminars and courses based on this material to students of Licensee in an educational classroom setting.

This License is valid only after the Licensee has paid the required License Fee and has received a receipt for same from the Copyright Holder.

Copyrighted Materials covered by this License are as listed on the Payment Receipt(s) issued by Copyright Holder upon payment by Licensee of the reguired License Fee(s).

   Copyrighted Materials shall not be distributed to anyone other than students enrolled in a recognized course of study presented by Licensee, and if available in electronic form on any computer shall not be accessible by the general public in any form by any means.

All costs and expenses related to course presentation or any other activity of the Licensee are the sole responsibility of the Licensee.

   This License is not transferable without written permission from the Copyright Holder and payment of an additional fee to the Copyright Holder.

The Licensee and all participants of courses and seminars given by the Licensee are subject to the Single User License, which License must also be reproduced in each Reference Manual distributed to course or seminar participants.

Reproduction or distribution of licensed materials in any form is specifically prohibited, except that a single copy may be distributed to each course participant.

Sale or distribution of the Copyright Holder's slide shows, either in their original format or as edited by Licensee, is specifically prohibited.

Any request from any source to purchase any of the licensed materials shall be directed by the Licensee via email to the Copyright Holder for processing.

All existing copyright notices and watermarks will be retained on the material used in course presentations.

The Licensee uses the intellectual property at his/her/its sole risk and responsibility. No warranty is expressed or implied. The Copyright Holder will not be liable for any consequential damages. This limitation applies to any person or corporate entity receiving copies of licensed materials or instruction from the Licensee.

See Also:  Single User License


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