This website began as some scribbled notes in 1962; these grew and grew, got typed, and became course notes that also grew, to become a textbook in 1986. When a 2nd edition was contemplated, revisions and additions were too large for a book, hence this website.

This website is mostly my own work, flaws and all. I researched, typed, edited the text, and scanned everything you see - 375 webpages, 3000+ printed pages, if you were foolish enough to print it. Contributions from others are noted where they occur.

But of course, many others have contributed: every author whose work has been paraphrased, every client who contributed ideas and background about their projects, all the service company reps who contributed examples and technical literature, the 3000+ students who tested my skills and theirs in my courses, and many more in all walks of life who made my life easier.

Ross Crain, Calgary, Oct 2019.


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